Anna Jaworska

Anna Jaworska


Badges achieved through years ... fuck, yeah!

About me

Some bullshit everyone used to attach


Ux Hero

Kraków, Poland, Earth

Married to wireframes and mobile applications. Currently working for XTRF™ Translation Management Systems

[email protected]

7Things you should know about me

  • Pixel perfection
  • Clean designs - less is more
  • Challenges
  • Making everyone happy
  • Meeting a deadline
  • Staying on top of the latest trends
  • Ask me about Visio and I will cut your head off

7Things you don't care about

  • Coffee addicted
  • Trespassing (don't even ask ...)
  • Travelling
  • Sauna lover
  • Gym rat - TRX & CrossFit!
  • Tattoo & Piercing
  • I'm on a Facebook Detox Program

Missions to other planets